You work hard to make your business succeed, it’s your livelihood, so it’s crucial to protect it against internal and external crime, fire, and environmental hazards.

Whether your business is small or large, a neighborhood shop, or a company with multiple locations, Umbrella can provide solutions tailored to fit its unique needs. Our experts will meet with you, get to know your business, assess your security goals and requirements, and implement a security system that is reliable, cost-effective, and convenient.

Networking your home or business can get complicated with so many standards and protocols, hardware and software implementations, servers and clients, etc. Let us make it simple for you. We can develop a proper network for your needs, install it, get you up and running, train you how to use it, and even maintain it if you want.

Our Networking Services can include:

  • Set up, configure and secure your router; safeguard your personal information and Installation and configuration the networking adapter or server for computers/devices (PC, laptop, gaming console, network Blu‑ray/DVD player, network-enabled TV, etc.) to connect to
  • Configuration of the internet with your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Enable devices to share the internet, files, printers, and other media (photos, videos, music, etc.) providing you a potential central data storage solution

Digital stores are the new trend in retail. Over the last few years, the survival odds of pure, local brick-and-mortar stores have been uncertain. This is especially true in China, where digital payments and tech-driven “new retail” are highly developed. Many retailers are evolving to digital stores. They need something to make sure the payments, pricing, promotions, products, gift cards, and order history are integrated into one place with one system.

E-Commerce is on rising and a new face of the modern business world. There are many e-commerce solution providers but only a few stand out from the pack. Umbrella is one such professional e-commerce development company, which crafts innovative e-Commerce solutions that are a precise fit for your business. If your business has hit the dead-end of the road and your sales are dropping then it is high time to re-zig your business by adopting our cutting-edge e-Commerce solutions.